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Skip-Trace / Locates

Skip Traces/Locates is the art of locating the whereabouts of an individual such as birth parents/children, an old friend, a witness, a former employee or a person being sought in a legal action or someone who has fled to avoid payment of a debt or judgment.


Your un-locatable (or lost) witnesses usually fall into one of three categories, as follows:


  • People who aren’t really “lost” or hiding at all, but might not be listed in the phone book and/or may have since moved from their last known address.

  • People who are hiding, but not from you.

  • People who are hiding – from you.


People in the first category can oftentimes be found by virtually anybody with access to at least one database.  Those in the second category are usually found with varying levels of effort, particularly if they’re not good at the game of hide and seek. Those in the last category, especially if they’ve given up their ties (employment, family etc.) are the most difficult to find, but can be frequently found by a competent investigator willing to get out and “pound the pavement.”


We offer two different types of Skip-Trace / Locate searches. We offer the Due Diligence search which is the standard hourly search, where we will bill by the hour for our investigative efforts and is the most comprehensive method and typically used to satisfy legal requirements for due diligence. We can provide you with a declaration of due diligence upon request. 


The second option is our Flat-Rate service which provides the best possible address information compiled and cross referenced through multiple information clearinghouse’s as well as other sources. Once we have identified the “best address” we can provide you with this information. 

Please note: there are restrictions to skip-trace and locate investigations. In some cases, we will not be able to provide a private party (not attorney or insurance company) with the results based on privacy laws. We will explain these legalities upon consultation.  

Due Diligence searches are billed at our standard hourly rate. Please contact us for our rates. 

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