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Insurance Investigations

Covert Special Investigations  has a staff of dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable field investigators to handle all of your Insurance investigations needs. Whether it is a worker's compensation claim investigation, typically referred to as an AOE/COE investigation, a general liability claim investigation or a commercial or personal auto loss, we can help. We have experience in both first and third party claims and our staff will conduct a thorough investigation to give you the necessary information and evidence to make an informed coverage decision. We know what steps to take and what questions to ask; from a simple assignment to obtain a vehicle's title history to confirm ownership, to a scene investigation to obtain photos and measurements of a floor from a reported slip and fall, to a workplace or auto fatality we will collect the evidence you need. 

During a insurance investigation, our investigators will examine the facts of loss in an attempt to determine if a claim is valid. We will also work to identify any subrogating potential. If the authenticity of a claim or the real facts of loss are in question, our investigators are trained to identify those red-flags. If the facts of loss don't match up, or if there are conflicting statements or evidence, we will alert you as soon as possible so that we can help identify any potentially fraudulent claims. If necessary, our trained staff from our Special Investigations Unit (SIU) can assume the sensitive nature of this investigation and coordinate any mandated fraud reporting to NICB and the Deptartment of Insurance.  

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