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Litigation Support

Are you a law firm or attorney in need of experienced investigators to support you or your team during  litigation? Litigation support can take many shapes. At Covert Special Investigations, we understand the sensitive and urgent need for tasks to be completed expeditiously

during litigation. Do you need a background investigation on your client or adversary or do you need a witness located; if so, we have conducted thousands of background investigations, skip-traces and witness locates. Do you need a signed and notarized affidavit, declarations or hand written statements; we have investigators who are Notaries. We can locate your witness, deliver the various forms, secure and notarize their signature all at once. Do you need a police, fire or EMS report? No task is too small. As we said, litigation support comes in many shapes and sometimes we may only be asked to do is obtain a copy of a police report. In other instances, we may be asked to interview an officer or EMS personnel, photograph and diagram a scene, canvass a neighborhood for witnesses or surveillance cameras. Do you need surveillance conducted on a subject or claimant? If so, we can tailor a surveillance operation during the days and times that would provide the best opportunity for activity. We can also provide service of process throughout the various stages of the litigation process. 

You can count on Covert Special Investigations to be you best asset in the field. 

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