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Service of Process is the serving (personal delivery) of various court documents, such as a civil complaint, orders of protection,  injunctions against harassment, civil summons or subpoenas. These court documents are most relevant in small claims, civil, divorce and family court case matters. Our Certified Process Servers pride themselves on being resourceful and finding creative solutions to serve even the most evasive subjects.

Do you have someone who is evading service? Have your other efforts to serve this person or entity been unsuccessful? We can incorporate a skip-trace investigation, to locate their current home address, obtain a driver's license photo and vehicle information. Armed with this information, we can set up a stake-out or (surveillance) of the subject and serve them the documents the moment they step out of their house or work. 

Does your current process server company incorporate photo/video proof that the service has been executed? We do.

Give us a call today and we would be happy to develop a individual plan for your specific needs. 

You can reach our Service of Process Department by calling 480-681-7550, Option 4 or Click Here to assign a process serving job. 

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