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Criminal / Civil Investigations

Are you a law firm or attorney in need of experienced investigators to support you or your criminal or civil court case? We offer investigative support in many shapes and sizes. At Covert Special Investigations, we understand the sensitive and urgent need for tasks to be completed expeditiously. Time is of the essence and more so when it comes to the concern of evidence spoliation. Do you need background checks on opposing witnesses or need a complete review of discovery on a capital case. 


We specialize in: 

·       Initial Case / Discovery review

·       Evidence Evaluation

·       Scene Evaluation / Canvas

·       Follow-up Interviews of Witnesses

·       Review of Policy / Procedure

·       Review of Relevant Search Warrants and Subpoenas

·       Reviews of Court Orders (Wiretaps / Electronic Surveillance)

·       Cellular Device / Record Analysis and Computer Forensics 

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