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Background Investigations

Background investigations are the foundation of all of any investigations. At Covert Special Investigations, we regard Backgrounds Investigations to be among the most important investigations that can be conducted. A background investigation is an initial snapshot into a person(s) (or business) history and provides vital information such as financial stability, known associates, potential employers, owned businesses, owned property, criminal history, public records (bankruptcies, judgments and liens), as well as other valuable information. The manner in which a background investigation is conducted can make the difference between a favorable defense verdict and a devastating plaintiff verdict. Background Investigations are also among the most challenging investigations to conduct. They must be comprehensive if they are to lead to informed decision making. Our background investigators are extremely knowledgeable regarding all arenas of available information as well as all applicable local, state and federal laws regarding the collection and dissemination of public and non-public information.


There is no one "all encompassing" information source to collect background information. Each Background Investigation is meticulous in nature; our investigators have to locate information through many different sources, then verify that information and follow any additional leads that are uncovered during the course of the investigation.

As soon as we receive a request to conduct a Background Investigation on an individual, it is reviewed for pertinent information and assigned to a qualified investigator. It is the responsibility of the assigned investigator to manage all appointments and deadlines associated with that particular assignment. The investigator will then follow a predetermined outline which will cover all areas of interest in regard to that unique background investigation. 


The investigator will then begin searching all relevant and pertinent information sources and compile records and information for insertion into a report detailing the findings of our investigation. Some background investigations can be completed from a computer terminal, while others may require hands on inspection of court or other public records and may call for interviews of neighbors, family, friends and others who might possess valuable information regarding our investigation.

There are two types of background investigations. There is a "comprehensive background investigation" which focuses on cursory information obtained at a certain point in time and used to identify pertinent information such as address history, possible employers, business filings, owned property and criminal history. These are typically used in insurance or litigation defense cases. Then there is the "due-diligence" background investigation which is more thorough and will likely result in boots on the ground verifying information and obtaining certified copies of public records and other physical evidence. 


There is no way to truly predict how long a thorough due-diligence background investigation could take to complete. The amount of new information that can be uncovered with every search or interview has to be followed-up on until we can say without a doubt, that we have exhausted all resources and every lead. Once we have satisfied the requirement of “Due Diligence,” we will complete our detailed report and attach any original evidence that was obtained; we will then forward our report to the client. Because of the unpredictable nature of a due-diligence background investigation, we typically do not offer a flat-rate fee for those background investigations.


However, comprehensive background investigation is generally completed in 1-2 days and is billed on a flat-rate basis. 

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