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Mobile Fingerprinting / Licensing Services

In Arizona, many professions require licensing through regulatory commissions and licensing boards; for example, medical, nursing and healthcare staff, realtors, mortgage and banking professionals, teachers and daycare providers just to name a few. Some are required to provide fingerprints at time of licensure or renewal, others are required to maintain a current AZ DPS fingerprint clearance card. Covert Business Solutions has your all-in-one solution to help keep all of your employees licenses and registrations current. Do you have a staff of 10 or more? If so, we provide a mobile licensing service, wherein our staff travel to your location and will fingerprint (2 cards) your staff. We can also provide onsite passport photos and notarization of any required forms all for one low price. Don’t have a staff of 10 or more, we can still help with the addition of a nominal convenience fee. 

Instead of sending your staff away from your office and their duties to wait in line for fingerprinting at your local police department, and time searching for a company to provide passport photos and notary service, keep all of your employees in-house. We will come to your location and process your staff on site [generally] in ten minutes or less per applicant. Do you have 50 or more employees or want to offer our services at intervals throughout the year? We can schedule regular visits on a monthly, quarterly, semi-quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. The great thing about fingerprints is that they do not expire, so you and your staff can plan ahead and be prepared for that licensing renewal processing time. Be sure to ask about our discounts for bulk services.

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