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The goal of Covert Business Solutions is to provide investigative services to governmental agencies (federal, state and local), insurance companies, self-insured’s, third-party administrators, attorneys, large corporations, small businesses and private parties. Below are some of the companies we have helped see clearer through Covert's eye.

Arizona State
Yavapai County

"I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in the locating of displaced owners of properties damaged during the Goodwin Fire. Your efforts were crucial to the rapid notification of property owners during that critical incident." 

Dave - Yavapai County


"Great job on this! Without your extra effort, we never would have recovered this stolen motorcycle."

Tiffany - Theft Examiner

"Awesome video. This should help close the claim. Thanks for your hard work." 

Rudy - SIU Investigator

"Great report and attention to detail. Thanks for your help on this one."

Noelani - SIU Investigator

"I can't believe you found them. The attorney told me they showed up for the hearing today. Thanks as always."

Diane - AZ Child Protective Services

"Wow, I can't believe you got the confession and the withdrawal. My manager is ecstatic. Thanks again!"

Manuel - Theft Examiner

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